Authors from industry, academia and research institutions are invited to submit original scientific contributions to the conference. Submitted papers must follow the provided Springer template and author guidelines. Full manuscripts of up to 8 pages will be accepted. Submissions should include 5 keywords related to the conference topics. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their papers to a special session if the scope of their paper fits the theme of one of the available special sessions. All abstracts and submitted full papers will be peer reviewed by the international scientific committees.

At least one author per paper needs to be registered for the conference during upload of camera-ready versions. The final conference proceedings will be published online before the conference. Therefore, the deadlines for the submission and publication process are firm and must be met by all authors.

Please refer to the following sections on detailed instructions on how to submit abstracts and full papers to the respective conference. Note that the submission guidelines presented on this page applies to both CARV2020 and MCPC2020.

Important submission deadlines:

  • Submission of abstract – TBA
  • Submission of full paper – TBA
  • Submission of revised paper – TBA
  • Submission of camera-ready papers – TBA

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Conference proceedings will be published in Springer Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, indexed by Scopus. Conference proceedings are also submitted for indexing by Web of Science.

Author guidelines

To ensure a smooth publication process, all submissions must adhere to the Springer author guidelines, except where other details are provided by the conference organizers, in which case these take precedence over the Springer author guidelines (e.g. submission page limit). Instructions for how to use both Microsoft Word and LaTeX templates are provided along with their respective template files. More information is available on the Springer website.

Please note that all camera-ready paper submissions must be accompanied by a signed copyright form during final submission. The copyright form must be uploaded in .pdf format.

Download documents

LaTeX Template
(.zip file)

Copyright form
(.pdf file)

Abstract submission guidelines

Authors are invited to submit an abstract of 100-200 words. The abstract should provide an outline of the final paper, indicating the motivation, contribution, and relevance.

  1. Follow link to abstract submission
  2. Enter title of manuscript
  3. Enter keywords
  4. Select session you wish to submit to if any
  5. Paste your abstract into the text box
  6. Provide contact details of all authors of the paper
  7. Press “submit abstract”

Full paper submission guidelines

Full manuscripts up to 8 pages long will be accepted. Submissions should include 5 keywords related to the conference topics.

If you have previously submitted an abstract, follow the instructions directly below. If you have not submitted an abstract prior to submitting your full paper manuscript, please see the instructions further down.

Full paper submission – abstract previously submitted

To submit your full paper manuscript, navigate to “Paper List” and select your submission. Then, select “Upload Paper Document”.

Upon selecting “Upload paper document” you are transferred to the page in the figure below. First, mark the checkbox “The paper details are up to date” if there are no changes to title, abstract or author(s) of the paper. Next, choose .pdf file to upload and finally, press “Upload”.

Note that Springer OCS compresses the pdf-files which may cause the quality of some figures to deteriorate. Authors have the option to leave the original uploaded document with the option “replace converted document with original version”

Full paper submission – no abstract submitted previously

If you have not previously submitted an abstract, simply follow the six steps outlines in the figure below. The six steps are:

  1. Fill in the title and keywords of your paper.
  2. Mark the session, if any, which fits the topic of your paper.
  3. Type in your paper abstract.
  4. Fill out the details of each author and remember to indicate which author is the corresponding author by marking the “Contact” checkbox.
  5. Choose the pdf file of your manuscript.
  6. Click “submit abstract”.