CARV/MCPC Doctoral Workshop

As a PhD student, designing a good study, carry it out, and finally publish it can be tricky. To support PhD students in this process, the CARV/MCPC doctoral workshop offers PhD students the opportunity to present their research design to other researchers for discussion and feedback. The doctoral workshop will take offset in the research design of the participating PhD students and will provide valuable insights and considerations for the PhD student to consider in the further work of their PhD.

The PhD student must submit a description of his/hers research design together with the application for the doctoral workshop. The research description is afterwards send for review to 1-2 senior researchers and 1-2 other PhD students participating in the doctoral workshop. At the doctoral workshop, each PhD student will get 10 minutes to present his/hers research design followed by 20 minutes of feedback from the reviewers and discussion of the research design.

Preparation before the doctoral workshop

Before the doctoral workshop takes place, the following preparation is required from the PhD student:

  • Make a description of the research design (should be included in the application) (max. 5 pages)
  • Make a presentation for presenting the research design at the doctoral workshop (max. 10 minutes)
  • Read and prepare feedback (2 powerpoint slides) for 1-2 research designs of other PhD students participating in the doctoral workshop

After acceptance to the doctoral workshop, the research design submitted in the application is send for review to a senior researcher and fellow PhD students participating in the doctoral workshop.

Inspiration for topics to address in the research design description:

  • Background for research/state-of-the-art
  • Research questions
  • Methodology/data collection/data analysis approach
  • Expected papers to publish and place of publication

Time and location

The doctoral workshop will take place on Monday, November 1, 9.00-13.00 at the conference site. It will only be possible to attend the doctoral workshop physically.


The application for the doctoral workshop must contain a description of your research design of the PhD (max. 5 pages) along with the following information (should be provided directly in the email):

  • Full name
  • University enrolled at
  • Name of supervisor(s)
  • (Working) title of your PhD thesis
  • Which year of your PhD you are in

Please send an application for participation in the CARV/MCPC doctoral workshop to:

Deadline for application: October 1, 2021.

In case of questions regarding the doctoral workshop, please reach out to us by sending an email to:

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